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Nexo Corporation is dedicated to responding to today's requirements, increasingly dependent upon digital resources. This is why it has broadened its range of action, by implementing an integrated communication offer.

Web sites, advertising contents and campaigns, automation and online advertising are tools which must be harnessed as part of a dynamic digital marketing strategy, to embrace business objectives and generate concrete economic results.

Selecting a translation provider with solid experience in the digital field is a strategically decisive choice for leveraging the immense potential of the internet, the production and distribution of digital contents and online communication.

Communication in the age of digital transformation

There is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' strategy which is equally effective for all businesses. Digital communication must be tailored to each client. This involves assessing their objectives, their offer, their internal and budget capacities.

It is important to create a winning mix. Emerge, set yourself apart from the rest, characterise yourself and gain recognition. These are the only rules for cultivating relations, acquiring new B2B and B2C clients, maximising profits and reaching out onto new international markets.

Customisation, data and targeting. Data analysis helps you find out more about users, their tastes and behaviours, so that you can create high precision and targeted communication, capable of intercepting the right people in the right way and at exactly the right moment. Top conversion rates are guaranteed by the creation of thrilling and memorable experiences with a high involvement rate.

Discover our communication services

A complete offer of communication services for companies and private parties

  • Web site

    We build landing pages, portals and corporate websites with passion and professionalism
  • SEO & Search

    Positioning corporate websites on search engines to channel organic and high-quality traffic
  • Storytelling

    Narrating your uniqueness using the strength of images
  • Content Marketing

    Displaying your company's expertise with contents developed to provide your users with value and know-how
  • Social & Web Advertising

    Segmented display advertising campaigns for bolstering brand visibility
  • Email Marketing

    The implementation of Direct Email Marketing with mass sending of emails to your leads
  • Lead generation

    Developing complete lead generation strategies to bolster the efficiency of online brand presence
  • Marketing Automation

    The development of marketing actions using automation software to provide a more pertinent user experience
  • Digital Publishing

    Digital contents created and published to reach out to your online target
  • Desktop Publishing

    A complete and professional layout service

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