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Nexo Corporation is a leading company in the field of technical translations and services related to mechanics as well as industrial automation, technology and robotics. The translation of user and maintenance manuals is very complex as it consists of a wide variety of documents and is subject to specific regulations that are constantly being revised. That is why you need a specialised language partner who can handle all of the translation processes.

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Translating medical and scientific texts requires the utmost accuracy and responsibility. In light of the fact that scientific and pharmaceutical research has an international readership, companies in this sector must be able to manage multilingual communication in compliance with specific technical terms and the regulations in that are in place. For over 10 years, Nexo Corporation has been the language partner of leading medical, pharmaceutical and scientific companies.

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Some documents need to be certified for accuracy and international legal standing. This may be the case for official documents such as passports, visas, patents or court documents. There are different services related to these kinds of documents. Nexo Corporation is by your side to identify the appropriate protocols for legal compliance.

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Marketing translations need special attention because they are a company's business card for the global market. The experience of our translators within the consumer sector is crucial for creative multilingual translation. Their experience guarantees that the audience will understand the text, with customised content according to the language as well as a style and graphics that are more relevant to the target audience.

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The "translation" issue has always been one of the great dilemmas of literature and publishing. An editorial translation is a "mediation" between the interpretative process of the author's intentions on the one hand and the linguistic world of the author’s readers on the other. Editorial translation, therefore, carries with it great responsibility. It requires highly qualified professionals.

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Nexo Corporation also offers customers services related to: iGaming, video games, e-sports and board games. For these industries, our services include: translation, localization, content creation, DTP, digital marketing and multimedia translation services such as voice-overs and interpreting.

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Interpreting Services require the greatest amount of language preparation. It can’t be corrected or proofread afterwards, which makes interpreting a delicate task with no room for error. It requires empathetic communication skills and the utmost precision. Since 2015, Nexo Corporation has been the official language services provider of Professor Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing. We are the chosen language partner of the most important stakeholders for international events.

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Translation with DTP makes your projects visually consistent in different languages. Desktop publishing guarantees the professional layout of translated content. Our team of skilled graphic designers are able to offer the very best services through the use of the most up-to-date design software, such as Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Autocad, Microsoft Office and more.

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