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Nexo Corporation is specialised in offering services for business internationalisation. Our attention is particularly focused on SMEs who wish to look beyond their national borders and seize the opportunities that are available in the global market. We have always offered a wide range of integrated services and we are able to manage the entire internationalisation process, both on behalf of companies as well as individuals. We are familiar with what your needs will be, and we have created three growth areas:

With consultants operating in the USA, BRAZIL, QATAR, BULGARIA, and SINGAPORE and partnerships in numerous European and non-EU countries, we are able to offer a range of services including:

- Search for Agents/Distributors;
- Market research;
- Temporary Export Management;
- Digital Export;
- Facilitated Finance research.

In collaboration with IBS Italia, we can count on the best team of experts accredited by the Ministry of Economic Development and major institutions.



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