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Flow is the first translation project management system that requires just a few clicks to connect you with your team of linguists and project managers, for easy, transparent monitoring of all your projects. The dashboards allow you to request a quote with a couple of clicks, consult your job history, check the progress of your translations and optimise the management of large volumes of documents.

Efficiency begins with transparency.

Talk with your language team.

We have nothing to hide: Flow allows you to interact directly with all the professionals involved in the management of each project. With Flow, you can check on the progress of your projects at any time and actively intervene on the processing of your content at any time.

Keep your translation history.

Forget the endless email exchanges to retrieve a single sentence and its translation. With Flow, your translation history is always available to you. If you are able to manage your archive, your translations will always be consistent.

Keep your glossary in check

The traditional vendor model forces the customer to take a reactive approach to translation memory management. To keep up with your memories, Flow allows you to access your glossary at any time and be able to provide linguists with helpful hints or variations on terminology.