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"Nexo" is a Spanish word which literally means connection, link, bond. Translating means breaking down distances and cultural differences, connecting, and bringing together business and life.

Nexo Corporation is an active partner for all companies looking to expand and consolidate their presence in Italy and abroad, with a full range of language and business services, including translation, interpreting, manual writing, globalisation strategies and International events.

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What makes us unique?

Trust and Experience

Since 2011, we have managed more than 24,000 translation projects in 362 languages across all industries, adding value to the globalisation strategies of internationally renowned brands and corporations.

Simplicity and transparency

Efficiency is at the very the foundation of our production processes, through standards that regulate transparent and certified flows. A perfect example is FLOW, our new management system that allows you to monitor your translation projects, optimise time and reduce costs.

Ecosystem and synergy

Our integrated services are the result of an ecosystem of excellence, at your service each and every day. We connect actions, not just words. Our select partners offer a wide range of services and consulting.

Research and Development

We support top talent through the use of cutting-edge technology. Our research task force of translators, designers and developers works every day on innovative solutions for the new challenges of language services, using automation, optimisation and ethics.