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Machine Translation (MT) has completely disrupted the language services market with faster and cheaper solutions. But in almost all cases, Machine Translation alone cannot guarantee the quality of a professional human translation. Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) brings together the best of both worlds: the speed and ability of machine translation engines to quickly handle large volumes of text, and the skill and sensitivity of experienced linguists.

Nexo Corporation has built specific post-editing modes for your machine translation projects, based on your needs:

Light Post-editing (LPE)

With LPE, the Machine Translation output is modified only where absolutely necessary to ensure that the text is readable and does not contain formal mistakes such as grammar or syntax errors. Without review, raw Machine Translation can create embarrassing results. This service ensures fast and cost-effective results and, in addition to translation, includes a check for errors and/or discrepancies in:

• Spelling,
• Punctuation,
• Numbering,
• Tags,
• Morpho-syntax structure of the sentences.

Full Post-editing (FPE)

With FPE, the Machine Translation output is thoroughly examined and edited to ensure that there are no errors. While the Light service focuses primarily on accuracy and readability, FPE considers a number of factors, including:

• Terminology research,
• Terminology and syntax consistency in the material,
• Consistency and correctness of the text style,
• Final consistency and correctness of the translation itself.

A document that has passed through FPE should convince its reader that it was originally written in the target language.