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Human2Human is the new continuing education project dedicated to the definition of new marketing paradigms in the face of the new challenges of social responsibility, for the new activism of brands. The course aims to rethink marketing during this era of the Impact Economy, through the eyes of the best international experts.

retail 4.0 e-book
+ 10 webinars on demand
+ 1 live session

The first unit is dedicated to Retail 4.0, an industry that has undergone many transformations, also because of the the global health pandemic. The digital revolution has changed many of the assumptions on which the retail world has been based over the past few decades. In 10 on-demand webinars and a live interactive session with lecturer Giuseppe Stigliano, co-author of the book Retail 4.0 with Philip Kotler, he identifies the new frontiers of post-pandemic retail marketing. Some case studies will be reviewed, starting with the experience of big brands such as Amazon, Eataly, Henkel, Campari Group, Brunello Cucinelli, Carrefour, Mondadori Retail and many others.
After the amazing success of bestseller Onlife Fashion, by authors Philip Kotler, Giuseppe Stigliano and Riccardo Pozzoli, the second unit of our academy will be dedicated to the world of fashion. YOOX and Depop, startups that surpassed a valuation of 1 billion Euros, are "Italian unicorns". What do they have in common? Both operate in the world of fashion, through digital. Aside from a resounding coincidence, perhaps the world of fashion can tell us a little more about new trends in the economy? Using the fashion experience as a jumping off point, Giuseppe Stigliano will analyse the 5 forces that can determine a true revolution in the consumer market.