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The necessary professionalism for real time translation Interpreting involves translating under conditions of enormous pressure. Within the translation sector, interpreting services are the ones that require the greatest degree of professional preparation. There is no possibility of correction, let alone proof-reading. This makes interpreting a delicate task with no room for error. It is reliant on empathetic communication skills and the utmost precision.

Oral translation requires more than an excellent command of another language. It involves interpreting sentences, technical terms, sayings and expressions, memorising and reproducing it all in the target language, without leaving the original meaning lost in translation. All this is done in a fraction of a second.


Is the most specialised service the world of translations. It requires excellent linguistic skill, as well as precise knowledge and concentration. The interpreter is inside a booth equipped with a microphone, and she/he interprets what she/he hears simultaneously.


The translator stands next to the speaker and listens to him/her. When the speaker stops speaking, the interpreter translates what the speaker just said.


The interpreter stands close to the listener and whispers the translation of what is being said by the speaker.


Is used to initiate new business with International partners. By eschewing language barriers, the interpreter provides accurate and reliable translations at business meetings.


A remote interpreter can translate conference calls or speeches during live events in real time, or the interpreter records the translated audio track, which is then edited into the video in post-production, for pre-recorded events.
The reliability that can only be guaranteed by a Professional Agency. Choosing Nexo Corporation for interpreting services means placing your trust in a partner that works with you, contributing to your success, to ensure your event runs smoothly or your sales deal is a success.

Our aim is to make sure our clients avoid any problems or inconveniences. A Project Manager is assigned to the job and takes care of the entire selection process, identifying the most suitable professionals for the type of request and situation at hand; the best qualified in terms of language combinations, subject matter and specific requirements.

Reliability is all about detail. We request flexibility and full availability from our interpreters. At least two professionals are selected for each job, to ensure coverage in case of any type of emergency, even at the last minute. In addition to interpreters, we also provide all types of support services, including devices, cabins and sound systems.


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