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What is a manual and what does technical manual writing mean?

Manual writing refers to the process of designing and preparing technical documentation on a product. For example, a user manual contains information on functionalities, methods of use and all instructions necessary for working with machinery or equipment to ensure optimal operation and safety.

Manuals are compulsory documents and are disciplined by Directives or Regulations which regulate their structure and fundamental characteristics.

Information contained in a manual must be divided and presented in a precise order, according to the recipient (operator, electrical maintenance professional, mechanical maintenance professional, installer, etc.).

The advantages of technical manuals which comply with regulations in force.

Sales and export. The quality of a technical manual, complete with a clear and correct translation, is a decisive factor in many fields, especially for equipment, machinery and technologies destined for foreign markets and export.

Satisfaction for manufacturers and clients. Manuals are a substantial part of product construction. More than a simple business card, good quality and complete technical documentation, containing suitable terminology and clear contents, facilitates use and simplifies after-sales assistance.

Risk prevention for users and company liability The purpose of any technical manual is to convey simple and effective information, while also ensuring operator safety. A correctly prepared manual enables technicians to act independently, safely and correctly. At the same time, manufacturing companies avoid the risk of heavy fines.

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