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The Electronic World Marketing Summit is the world's premier online marketing event featuring Philip Kotler, with attendees connected from around the world and a world-class panel of speakers. The event was an opportunity to join an exclusive network through an innovative system of digital identities based on blockchain technologies.

It is the first international fully digital event featuring Prof. Philip Kotler: 101+ countries, 80+ speakers and 150,000+ attendees expected for a major event that would be a reflection on post-consumerism and post-Covid marketing through the eyes of the best international experts.
The new frontiers of post-consumerism, the global market and environmental sustainability were the focus of Professor Philip Kotler's reflections, who spoke along with the most authoritative opinion makers from every continent, to redefine the role of marketing during a year-long global health emergency. Speakers included Laura Ries, Christian Sarkar, Michael Jacobides, Romano Prodi, Dominique Turpin, Francesco Venturini, Larry Light, Giuseppe Stigliano, Raj Sisodia, Russ Klein, Sergio Pininfarina and many others.