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More than ever, making your audio/video content accessible in all languages is absolutely essential. Nexo Corporation has designed a suite of transcription, subtitling and voice over services for a multi-faceted service that meets your specific needs.


At Nexo, we only use professional native speakers to faithfully transcribe your audio/video content. Transcripts can also be used to improve the usability of videos and their search engine rankings. You can transcribe company meetings, assemblies, conferences, lectures, or any type of multimedia content. A dedicated Project Manager will select the most suitable professional according to your needs, guaranteeing a quality result. Our team of translators is at your disposal to make your transcript available in all the languages you need.


The subtitle service is the most popular type of multimedia language localisation due to its excellent quality/price ratio. Adding subtitles to your videos, in your original language and/or in other languages, ensures an exponential increase in your number of viewers. Subtitles are also the most widely used SEO technique to improve search engine rankings. Rely on our qualified professional translators to get more visibility for your videos.


This solution involves simultaneous interpretation by our professionals who will translate the audio of your videos in real time. All you have to do is provide us with your videos and we will take care of finding the most suitable interpreter for your project and make your content available in the languages you want, including editing the translated audio track produced by the interpreter on your original video.


This service is designed for high quality processing of your videos. Following an initial audio transcription, the content is translated by our team of linguists and, finally, we can proceed with recording in a professional studio. In this final stage, our professional native speakers will use the translated script to produce the audio track for your voice over in your desired target language, using the tone and communicative style most suited to the project based on your specific needs. If you wish, you can also ask us to edit the translated audio track on the original video.