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Scientific and medical translations

Translations for medical science, pharmacology and scientific research..

Nexo Corporation coordinates and manages numerous professional translation projects in the fields of science, pharmaceutics, medical science and healthcare.

This type of translation refers to a vast section of an even more extensive field of technical translations.

The scientific translation sector

This sector includes the pharmaceutical and medical sciences industry, homoeopathy, veterinary care, scientific and experimental scientific research. It also overlaps onto sectors like cosmetics, the chemical and food industries.

The sensitive nature of such scientific contents requires specific in-depth knowledge matched with precise transposal.

The most commonly requested scientific translations include:

  • Medical translations
  • Drug information sheets
  • The texts of studies
  • Clinical trials
  • Scientific publications
  • Medical reports
  • Medical records

In all these cases, a mother tongue translator with a solid academic and scientific education is the only professional capable of guaranteeing the perfect use of terms and precise equivalence with the original text.

Translated texts are then reviewed. This service consists of detailed proof reading by a second professional with the same level of qualification, experience and professionalism as the original translator.

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