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Why Nexo Corporation

Your linguistic partner

When considering professional translations, it is important to bear in mind 4 fundamental points:

  • The quality of translationsi.UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2017 certified.
  • Rapid Service. Guaranteed by a streamlined and dynamic organisation.
  • Confidentiality of information. Protected by specific agreements.
  • Excellent value for money. Optimised offers, tailored according to contents.

Image and communication are the most valuable assets of a successful company. Placing them in the hands of the wrong partner could prove to be a costly mistake.

Professionalism is a term which does not allow for mistakes. At Nexo Corporation we are more than translation, interpreting and manual writing professionals. We are communication professionals, proud to provide customers with our experience, every single day.

The 4Ts of professional translation

Timing. Optimising the time required to produce a good translation is essential for responding to and fulfilling customer and market requirements.

Type. Language combination, the type of text (medical, technical, etc.) and file format are key elements which characterise a translation project. A careful analysis of this mix is used to prepare a detailed work-flow schedule and identify professionals to be involved.

Translator. It is very important to identify a mother tongue translator who in addition to syntactic and grammar knowledge is also able to provide expertise grounded in professional experience. Previous validated translations, memories, reference materials and a glossary of terms ensure quality translations and cost containment.

Transparency. Repaying the intellectual honesty of our clients with practical and crystal clear solutions is the key to our success. The application of transparent methods is one of our team's fundamental values.

Account Managers and Project Managers: the heart of Nexo Corporation

Account Managers. All too often seen as simple 'go-betweens'. They are the invaluable joining link between company and customers. Their mission is to maintain a close contact and constantly interface with all people and businesses requiring linguistic services. They are dedicated to meeting all needs and requirements.

Project Managers. They are in charge of the work-flow process from A to Z, from order issuing to processing. Optimisation and quality depend on them. Thanks to their knowledge of Lean techniques and excellent organisation skills, they effectively coordinate the operations team which consists of translators, graphic designers and interpreters.


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