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Technical translations

Translating descriptions, assembly, installation, operation and maintenance instructions

Nexo Corporation provides technical translations for distributing and manufacturing companies who must disclose product characteristics abroad, as well as for international companies importing into Italy.

Manuals and technical documentation

All machinery, tools and products must be supplied with a translation of technical documentation, use and maintenance manuals (for example: catalogues, price lists, brochures, technical data, safety and maintenance sheets). Compliance with destination country regulations is also required.

At Nexo Corporation we follow a specific, tailor-made work method:

  • Production of tailored glossaries for the Client
  • Harmonisation of terminology thanks to consultation with technical departments
  • Supply of glossaries
  • Creation and updating of translation memories
  • Delivery of translation memories to the contracting firm.

Delivery time frames and costs of technical translations are optimised thanks to the use of the best linguistic software and CAT Tools.
Specific tools which detect repetitions and simplify the implementation of glossaries and translation memories, for seamless terminological coherence.

The coordination of professionals working on a single project enables the transposal of significant volumes of texts within time frames which would be impossible with a single translator. All this under a single management, for perfect coherence of style and terminology.

Project management is guaranteed by quality certifications. Companies benefit from engaging with a single point of reference, as opposed to with single translators.

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