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Certified quality

Guaranteed language services and translations

At Nexo Corporation we are profoundly aware of the weight of words. This is why whenever we use a specific term, we always have a clear idea of its meaning and we are safe in the knowledge that it is correct and appropriate.

The word "Quality" is thrown around all too loosely, often qualifying a vast range of nouns. There is a real risk of stripping it altogether of all meaning, resulting in nothing more than a series of letters, similar to an empty shell.

For us at Nexo Corporation, quality must be guaranteed. To this effect, we have pursued and achieved a level of excellence certified by the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2017.

Dual quality certification: the only true form of guarantee for our clients.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015: This standard establishes the requirements for quality management systems and aims to ensure constant customer satisfaction by optimising organisational procedures and standardising operational processes.

UNI EN ISO 17100:2017: exclusive to the translation industry, this standard specifies requirements for translation service providers, with reference to human and technical resources, quality and project management, contractual frameworks and service procedures.
Inoltre, lavoriamo seguendo i criteri della norma UNI CEI ISO IEC 27001:2017 che descrive i requisiti per stabilire, attuare, mantenere e migliorare in modo continuo un sistema di gestione per la sicurezza e riservatezza delle informazioni.

Politica della Qualità Nexo Corporation

All this just isn't enough for us, which is why we have activated an internal quality department dedicated to monitoring customer satisfaction.

Our work does not end with the simple delivery of translated material or the provision of selected services; rather it continues with monitoring and after sales assistance operations..

At Nexo Corporation we like to continually educate ourselves, in order to provide a constantly improved service. This is because, ultimately, a mediocre service costs our clients more than a quality one.