Agenzia Traduzioni Editoriali: Traduzioni Editoriali e Marketing Certificate

Publishing and marketing translations

Translations of sales and marketing contents, and for the publishing sector

Nexo Corporation is specialised in product and corporate communication in all the world's languages.

Translations for marketing require particular attention because they are a company's business card for the world market.

Content for marketing in another language

  • Must be captivating and persuasive to impress, thrill and involve the local public.
  • It must be written in a way so as to convey those values which make a product or brand unique, at an international level.

Nexo Corporation pre-selects its own translators, who must also be expert authors in communication, based on their specific skills.

For this purpose we translate:

  • Websites and e-commerce platforms
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Company profiles
  • Press releases
  • Social posts and adv campaigns
  • Contents for advertising communication agencies

Apparently distant, in actual fact publishing and literary texts require particular attention, just like marketing and communication texts.

A publishing text cannot simply be translated, it must be adapted to the reference culture and public, seamlessly combining overall meaning and stylistic nuance.

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