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Legal and financial translations

Translations of insurance, banking, financial and legal texts

Nexo Corporation skilfully provides legal, financial and economic translations for private parties and companies who export their own products abroad.

Entrusting qualified and updated professionals with the translation of sensitive texts requiring a solid knowledge of specific and continuously evolving lexicon is truly indispensable.

Translated documents with legal value

In all language combinations, Nexo Corporation translates documents which are crucial for businesses as they are the main source of information on economic, equity and financial data for customers, suppliers, shareholders and businessmen

  • Accounting documents
  • Economic analyses
  • Financial reports
  • Financial presentations
  • Corporate financial statements
  • Memorandums
  • Contracts
  • Company certifications
  • Articles of associationi
  • By-lawsi

And in general any type of financial, economic and legal text.

Such a specific field requires mother tongue translators with documented experience in the economic, legal and financial fields, just like those who have been working with Nexo Corporation for years now.

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