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Interpreting involves translating under conditions of enormous pressure. Interpreting Services are the translation sector requiring the greatest degree of professional preparation. There is no possibility of correction let alone proof-reading, making interpreting a delicate task with no room for error, reliant on empathetic communication skill and the utmost precision.

Oral translation requires more than excellent command of another language, it involves interpreting sentences, technical terms, sayings and expressions, memorising them and reproducing everything in the target language, without loosing the original meaning. All this in a fraction of a second.

The reliability which can only be guaranteed by a Professional Agency

Choosing Nexo Corporation for interpreting services means placing your trust in a partner which works with you to contribute towards your success, to ensure the smooth running of an event or for clinching a sales deal.

Our aim is to ensure the client does not encounter any problems or inconveniences. A Project Manager is assigned to the job and takes care of the entire selection process, identifying the most suitable professionals for the type of request and situation at hand: the best qualified in terms of language combinations, subject matter and specific requirements.

Reliability is all about detail. We request flexibility and 24h availability from our interpreters. At least two professionals are selected for each job, to ensure coverage in case of any type of emergency, even at the last minute. In addition to interpreters, we also provide all types of support services, including devices, cabins and sound systems.

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