The magnificent trio of Nexo's web marketing services

Web marketing is a field made up of numerous activities that are either inter-linked or extremely different from one another, and must be planned based on the objectives and the funds that the company intends to invest.

This section discusses three web marketing services in which we are specialized: they're quite popular among companies who want to boost their online presence, which is often poorly organized or uneconomical.

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - ideal for when the website's there, but doesn't get noticed
It's a classic situation: you have a good website, but it has a hard time standing out among the search engine results. That which is missing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an activity that must be carefully planned and monitored based on the objectives to be achieved. Search Engine Optimization primarily consists of interventions to be made upon the website's code, and more or less extensive modifications to its contents, but can include many other aspects as well, like the creation of newsletters or social pages, which can be evaluated on a case-to-case basis. 

After having analysed your website, we will propose a number of immediate solutions, together with an annual intervention plan. Because there's one thing you need to know: it isn't possible to obtain an actual improvement in a website's ranking in just a few days time. If anyone has told you otherwise, they're trying to sell you a hit-and-run service that will be entirely useless, if not potentially harmful, for your website.

2) Social media management – don't have the time or don't know how to handle it?
We do: we'll be happy to handle your social media pages and campaigns. In fact, we have people who handle these activities on a daily basis, and will work hard to establish and maintain your web identity, based on your own indications.

3) Management of Google Adwords campaigns – to only spend what's necessary
They work, there's no doubt about that, but they require continuous monitoring and adjustments. Activating them and leaving them open and unaltered is like making a donation to Google, which certainly does not need it. 
Let us manage your campaigns, and you'll see that your investments will begin to bear fruit.

Which service is right for you?
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