Websites: improvisation doesn't pay

Organization, graphic design, contents, user-friendliness, and optimization: there are numerous elements that distinguish an amateur website from a professional one. The website needs to be continuously modified and updated whenever one of them is overlooked, until you realize that it's better to have it redone from scratch. Is it really worth it? Of course not.

It's better to rely on the professionals
Your website is both your business card and the showcase for your business: if it stays hidden in a little corner at the end of a an unknown alleyway, nobody will ever find it. And if a potential customer happens to find it by chance but is unable to enter, perhaps because it isn't mobile or tablet friendly, or because they get lost among the pages and are unable to find what they're looking for, how long do you think they'll wait before they turn to one of your competitors?

“My website is well-equipped, but doesn't get the job done”
If this is your situation, we can help: we'll check the structure, graphics, and contents, we'll handle the search engine optimization (SEO), and we'll monitor the page visits and length of stay, and in turn will explain how they can be improved.

Whether you need a new website or want to improve the one you already have, we offer a complete and personalized service that will provide you with an entirely new website that's:

- carefully designed in terms of structure, graphics, and contents, thus resulting in an attractive website that also easy to navigate
- accessible from any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and any device, even mobile (computers, smartphones and tablets)
- optimized from an SEO standpoint (and therefore able to obtain a good search engine ranking) and W3C validated, in full compliance with the international regulations
- multi-language, because we'll entrust its translation to native language translators who are familiar with the terminology of your business sector, and are capable of handling every element of the programming code 

But why do companies need websites?
In general: to sell products and services, even if not directly. There are showcase websites, for example, which allow users to learn more about the products and services in order to render them more desirable. There are informative websites, which are focused upon the completeness and specificity of the information they contain, and give the company an air of authority on the subject matter. There are websites that engage the users, and thus become places of entertainment, and so on. 
Each has its own specific objective, but all have one goal in common: to help increase the company's sales over the short, medium, or long term. Do you think it's possible to do this with an amateur website that hasn't been properly designed and was only thrown together "to be online"?

And then there are e-commerce websites
These are websites dedicated to direct sales that have been specifically structured to stimulate and facilitate the purchasing process, and are capable of smoothly handling orders and payments, even for customers abroad. These require a more complex design, above all if their objective is to transform visitors into regular customers. If you're thinking about opening an e-commerce website, click here to find out more. 

Do you want a well made website for your company?
We'll (re)design it for you: click here to contact us.