The Made in Italy marking creates value

Have an Italian product and want to sell it abroad? Give it the value it deserves: certify its origins with a specialized institute. There's an International Certification and Traceability System that certifies, authenticates, and protects the identity of Italian products in order to guarantee their origins and originality.

Taking a stand against counterfeit and Italian sounding products
A parallel economy made up of products with geographical denominations, images, and brand names that sound Italian, but cannot be traced back to our Country, has arisen and proliferated over the years. The scope of this phenomenon is enormous: at least two out of three products placed on the foreign market as the Italian products are not Italian at all.

An excellent way to distinguish your products as authentically Italian is to identify them with a special marking, thanks to which consumers who are seeking out the true Made in Italy products can be confident in their purchases. 

You can also choose traceability
In order to offer your customers an additional guarantee of authenticity, you can combine this certification with a traceability system: your products will be associated with a code that each customer can use to immediately obtain all the information regarding the product, trace its origins, and view the manufacturer's profile and contact information. The service is available worldwide and in every language.

For every company in every sector
The international Certification and Traceability System works for every type of company, regardless of its size or product sector (home furnishings, electronics, food industry, design, etc.).

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