From open conferences to whispered interpreting: interpreters at work

Every conference, workshop, or multi-language seminar needs an interpreter: a discrete and well-trained professional whose job is to facilitate communications between individuals who don't speak the same language.
Interpreters are also essential for facilitating international trade negotiations, whether in person or by telephone, as well as for interacting with foreign clients during exhibitions and new product presentations.

Let us help you choose the interpreter that's right for you

Whether you're organizing an event with foreign guests, or need to manage a meeting with a professional figure but don't speak the same language, don't hesitate to contact us: we only work with well-trained and reliable native-language interpreters, and offer every type of interpreting service: simultaneous, consecutive, whispered (chuchotage), and for negotiations

In addition to having superb language skills, our interpreters also have extensive general knowledge and a good memory capacity. They're capable of working in groups and under stressful conditions, and have optimal analytical and summarization skills, excellent self-control, a complete mastery of the more colloquial forms of the language, and are assigned based on their knowledge of the lingo for the reference sector.

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