Do an export check-up: its' simple, personalized, and free.

It will help you determine if you're ready to sell abroad. 

It's simple
Because it's made up of a series of direct questions - like “Which country do you want to export to?” or “Has the company's website been translated?” - which can be easily answered in just a short time.

It's personalized
Because it will provide you with a specific final analysis for your company, thanks to which you'll be able to immediately determine the strengths and weaknesses in your company's approach to the foreign markets.

It's free
Because we believe it's important for you to have a clear picture of your company's situation in terms of export capacity before you start looking for an export consulting service.   

Doing the check-up is smart
It's smart for you, because it's an effective analysis tool that's been developed by our export experts. It's smart for us because it allows us to get to know your company and to immediately determine how we can help you if you need us.

With the check-up there's no obligation
Book an appointment with one of our consultants. Either way you'll receive your personalized analysis with no obligation to purchase any other services.