We have the right contacts for your export business.

And we can manage them for you. Our EXPORT MANAGEMENT service consists of a series of activities that are extremely useful for establishing new commercial relationships in the Countries of your interest:

Contact recruitment
We'll identify and select the international operators and companies who are interested in your product category, and will provide you with a certain number of contacts (from 10 to 30, based on your requirements) with whom to create commercial relationships.

Contact management
We'll manage your new contacts by handling every type of communication: emails, the exchange of technical information, customs procedures, the sending of price lists, etc.

Pre-exhibition activities
If you want to participate in an industry exhibition, we'll find you a series of potential customers to meet with during the event, in order to help you optimize the return on your investment with targeted interviews.

Exhibition follow up
We'll call back and further the relationships established with the contacts that you made at the exhibition in order to render them as fruitful as possible and create new business opportunities.

We'll advise you of all the certifications necessary for transporting and selling your products in the Countries you have selected, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in customs with the risk of losing the merchandise. Furthermore, if you want we can help you obtain Made in Italy certification for your products. 

Based on the Country you have selected for your exports, we'll identify the carriers that offer the best shipping conditions for your products, and will provide you with basic information regarding the conditions, time frames, and costs.

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Would you like to have an internationalization expert at your disposal? Choose PROJECT EXPORT: an export manager will manage every aspect of your export business directly from your company.

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