Want to export your products?

To start out on the right foot, choose the EXPORT DEVELOPMENT service 
It's perfect if you want to start selling your products abroad, or if you're already doing that and want to test a new market.
It includes a series of preliminary activities that are indispensable for evaluating the risks and opportunities associated with exporting your products abroad:

Country Guide
We'll provide you with fundamental information about the general economic conditions of the Country where you intend to export your products, on the risks associated with that Country, on the commercial interchange and the investment flows, on the customs and tax regulations, and on the opportunities for Italian products in that specific market.

Market overview
We'll prepare a specific assessment of the selected market's trends in relation to the product that you want to export; this will allow you to calculate your product's chances of penetrating into that market with greater precision.

Competition overview
We'll identify and select a certain number of direct and indirect competitors for you, and will provide you with an overview of their organizational structures, the services they offer, their company information, their presence in other Countries, their social media activities, etc.

Customer profile
This analysis provides you with key information for launching your product abroad: we'll identify your target customer, and will provide you with their profile in terms of consumption trends, purchasing habits, replacement products utilized, etc.

Partner recruitment
We'll select a number of foreign companies potentially interested in your product, and will test their interest by sending them samples and/or documentation about your product, after which we'll provide you with feedback on the actual interest expressed.

You'll have an export manager at your company's disposal for the entire period necessary to launch your export business.

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